About Nana’s Green Tea

A place for Japanese delicacies

We blend a variety of teas to make our original Matcha green tea using our flair for blending and techniques that date back to the Edo period.
The rice we use is grown organically in harmony with the nature of Japan.
We carefully select ingredients that are sourced from all over Japan.
*Ingredients may differ depending on the store or restaurant.

Enjoy desserts in a teahouse

The design concept of nana’s green tea is “modern teahouse”.
Since long ago, people have styled teahouses creatively for their guests.
To pass down a spirit of hospitality, we develop a unique design concept for each restaurant that considers local history and culture.
Customers can relax in an exclusive space that has been imaginatively designed.

A café that cannot be found anywhere else

In 1999, the coffee shop market was dominated by chain shops. There were no cafés specializing in Matcha Green Tea and Japanese Tea. While in a spa town, our founder watched tourists lining up to get into a dumpling shop or a café serving Matcha Green Tea, which gave him the idea of opening a café specialized in Matcha Green Tea. With the support of many, he opened Green Tea Café, the predecessor of nana’s green tea. In 2006, he eventually opened the first nana’s green tea café within the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.

Pass down Japanese food culture from one generation to the next

In old times, tea that was brought from China to Japan was consumed as a medicine. People were attracted to its effects and delicious taste. Since then, tea has become an indispensable part of our lives.
Nana’s green tea will continue to evolve in response to the changes of modern lifestyles, making tea as accessible to people as possible. Our aim is to pass down Japanese food culture from one generation to the next.

Original blend tea

We have perfected the art of blending tea over many years to make our original Matcha green tea.
A flair for blending, techniques that date back to the Edo period, and time and effort are the key to success.
Matcha green tea is like a green tea espresso”Japanese espresso”, a drink that represents Japanese food culture.
We are proud of the genuine flavor of our Matcha green tea, which is achieved through the great care taken by many, including tea farmers and the staff of our restaurants.

Taste and production method that remain unchanged

Our agar is made from agar weeds harvested on Kozushima island. They start making the agar by cooking the agar weeds in a large pot. They need to be stirred constantly. The production method has remained unchanged for the last 75 years. Our wish is to serve agar that is made by experts with great care, in the best way. We serve agar with no preservatives only.